Questions related to installing your artesian well

When should I begin drilling the well after purchasing a land plot?

You can begin planning the drilling of your artesian well any time after the first stages of construction on your new house throughout the year. Since the necessary drilling equipment takes up a lot of space, you should plan all the stages accordingly with the different professionals to make sure that you do not block their access to the site.

Do I need a permit for drilling?

A permit is necessary when drilling your artesian well. You can obtain a permit from your local municipality. When applying for a permit, the site of the septic tank and the disposal field should already have been decided.

Can the well be drilled anywhere on my land plot?

Unfortunately, you cannot install your artesian well anywhere on your land plot. Certain distances need to be taken into consideration to avoid contaminating your water. Here are a couple examples:

Our team is well trained, accredited, and are up to date with the latest established standards so they carry out your project according to the rules of the art.

For more information, please visit the website of the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change in Quebec.

Can you drill in any soil type?

With the proper equipment, it is possible to drill in any soil type. However, the duration of the work can be affected by the soil type since drilling in certain soils are more difficult.

How do I choose a good pump for my well?

At Bernier Wells we take pride in designing custom-made pumping systems that suit the needs and requirements of your project in terms of water flow and well depth. We offer you pumps and tanks which are amongst the best in the world; Myers’s Predator Plus submersible pumps, Well-X-Trol pressure tanks, and Pentek’s Intellidrive.

How long does it take to drill an artesian well?

The drilling time varies according to the encountered soil type, but it takes a day on average. After the drilling, it is necessary to plan the pump system installation, which takes 1/2 to 1 day depending on the case.

Do I need hydraulic fracturing?

Not necessarily. This process is reserved to wells that do not have access to sufficiently abundant water sources. Hydraulic fracturing works by opening one or more channels through old water seams that have become blocked, by using a system that injects clean water at high pressure. In addition, this process is only available for rocky soil.


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