Well inspection and cleaning

Inspection (Well survey)

The inspection of a well and a pumping system is an important operation that must be carried out by conscientious people to ensure that it is properly done.  Our technicians have the techniques and knowhow to recognize any signs of faults and to suggest possible corrective action, whether you are purchasing a property with a well and a pump or need to correct or prevent a problem.  With Puits Bernier you always get the full picture and your peace of mind is guaranteed.

Inspection by video camera

Inspection by video is an essential tool when searching for problems with a well.  We use the very latest high-tech submersible video cameras.  In addition, the experience of our technicians provides essential support in the interpretation of the resulting images.

Well disinfection

Well disinfection is a process that must be carried out diligently.  Although this is not a difficult task, Puits Bernier always has the necessary products in stock to do it right first time, including expert advice!

Deep cleaning

When disinfection is not adequate then deep cleaning is often the answer.  Puits Bernier offers a range of deep cleaning methods.  If you need this type of work, you should contact an adviser from Puits Bernier who will come to you and determine which type of cleaning is most suitable for your well.

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