Components of an artesian well

When carrying out your drilling project, you will hear several terms that you may not be familiar with about your well. To find out a little more, here’s a list of the main components of your artesian well.

1) Drive shoe

It’s used to keep the end of the steel casing from breaking when the well is sinking, and can cut through difficult formations if used for direct advancement. It also helps make your well watertight in the bedrock, preventing surface water infiltration and anchoring the entire structure into the soil to ensure stability. It’s located at the base of the steel pipe and is welded to it.

2) Protective casing

If the rock walls are unstable, protective casing must be installed inside the well. It prevents the risk of landslides that can damage its structure, and keeps the pump and its accessories from being lost by scree. It is therefore not useful for all cases of well drilling.

3) Steel casing

The steel casing is the main tube that circulates the water that’s raised to surface. At the base of it is the drive shoe, as mentioned above.

4) Connection points

Also called welding joints, they join the different sections of the steel casing, because in general, each section cannot exceed 6 meters in length. They must be completely waterproof.

5) Supply pipe

This is simply the pipe that ensures the water supply to your home.

6) Pump

The pump is the device that routes water to your plumbing. The choice of pump is not negligible, because it must be selected according to the well’s flow, its depth and your water needs. It’s important to have well-built and durable equipment, to give you peace of mind for many years.

7) Bentonite

Bentonite is a dehydrated clay that’s used to seal the well. To be effective, the bentonite must be 2 inches thick around the circumference of the steel tube, and within the well’s first 5 meters from the natural terrain.

If you have any questions related to the components of an artesian well or drilling in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.