Percolation test

Why conduct a percolation test?

Also called a “Site Characterization and Natural Terrain Study” or a “Soil Hydraulic Load Capacity Study”, this test is a required step in the design and selection of a wastewater treatment system.

The goal of this test is to determine the physical characteristics of the ground, including its permeability (liquid absorption) and the nature and properties of the soil in order to build a compliant system.

The study allows us to determine the most suitable place on your property as well as the most appropriate type of septic system.

What does this test consist of?

Companies who perform percolation tests use various methods and/or machinery, but the results are the same. In short, the test consists of determining the nature of the soil and then conducting a field survey, taking into account all constraints (such as distances to neighboring wells, waterways, etc.). Finally, a permeability test is performed to check the permeability of the soil.

Following the test, you’ll receive a report which you’ll need to submit to your municipality. They’ll need it in order to issue your building permit.

This document normally contains all the relevant information from your property impacting the choice of septic system and its installation as well as a cost estimate and specifications for its installation and position on your property.

In the end, your wastewater treatment facilities must meet the requirements of Regulation Q-2. r.22.

With this report, we can also establish the ideal location for your geothermal system or artesian well, since these must be at a minimum distance from your septic tank and that of your neighbors.

When the technician arrives, make sure you have your certificate of location or a cadastral map (which shows the boundaries of the property) on hand.

Who can perform this test?

Different companies offer their services in order to carry out your percolation test. We can put you in touch with trusted companies.

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