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Chauffez vert

Do you have an oil heating system or water heater in your home? Do you want to replace it with a more efficient and less polluting system? Take advantage of financial assistance under Chauffez vert to replace your fossil fuel systems with systems powered by electricity or other renewable energies. Please note that you must register with Chauffez vert before starting your work.


Since October 29, 2013, you can obtain financial assistance for replacing an oil heating system (or another eligible fossil fuel) with a system powered by electricity (or another renewable energy). This financial assistance can be granted with or without an energy assessment of the home. Initially scheduled to end on March 31, 2017 and then in March 2021, the Rénoclimat program has no deadline at this time.

Prêt canadien pour des maisons plus vertes

The Canada Greener Homes Loan provides interest-free financing to help people in Canada increase the energy efficiency and comfort of their homes. The loan can help you finance eligible renovations that are recommended by an energy efficiency advisor and that have not yet been undertaken.


Get financial assistance after implementing energy-saving measures. It’s an effective way to reduce your electricity consumption and contribute to Quebec’s energy transition. LogisVert offers you a variety of measures that can be implemented in an existing building or in a new construction.