Geothermal systems

Here at Bernier Wells the tradition of excellence in geothermal energy is firmly established.  Having completed several major projects we are now the industry leaders.

Geothermal energy is green and renewable and is the most efficient heating and air-conditioning system there is, as well as being the most ecological.

When you decide to install a geothermal system, you are literally investing your money in a well of energy.  After installation and drilling of the system, nearly two thirds of the energy needed to heat the air and water in your house comes directly from the ground around it.  So it goes without saying that the drilling and installation of a geothermal system enables you to make considerable savings in your heating costs.

One of the biggest advantages offered by a geothermal well is that it is accessible almost everywhere.  There is usually enough space in the grounds of a classic suburban house to install a geothermal system.


Geothermal wells drilling