The advantages of geothermal energy

All in one

As well as heating your home in winter, your geothermal system also enables you to air condition your house in hot weather.  The system can also be configured to heat your swimming pool and your domestic water heater.

Big savings in heating costs

A geothermal system will save you up to 70% on your heating costs.  The bigger your house is, the greater the savings you will make.

A robust system

Because the underground circuit of your geothermal system is protected from vandalism, rain, snow, wind, and all types of bad weather, it can easily work for over 50 years.  A geothermal heat pump itself has a life span of around 20 years.


You are not dependent on fluctuations in prices of firewood, electricity, gas, or fuel oil.

Easy to maintain

Your geothermal system is very easy to maintain and is no more demanding than the maintenance of an electric central heating system linked to an air-conditioning unit.

Proven efficiency

Geothermal energy systems have been in existence for over 20 years and have proved themselves in terms of efficiency.  They are still being improved and refined. Puits Bernier has an ever-increasing level of expertise and specialised equipment to know the exact level of electricity use of different heating and conditioning systems. This way, we allow our customers to experience the practicality of a geothermic system.

A certified system

Your geothermal system is certified by the Canadian GeoExchange Commission which is your guarantee of the highest quality standards.