A drilling permit for your artesian well

The drilling of an artesian well is subject to the Water Withdrawal and Protection Regulation (WWPR) adopted by the Ministry for Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change. Since 2003, you have been required to obtain a permit in order to drill an artesian well. You must apply for a permit at your local municipality, supplying the following information:

According to new 2015 regulations, a permit is also required if you are making modifications to an existing well. Whether you need to deepen, hydrofracture or perform sealing, your municipality must provide you with a permit prior to commencement of these works, as well as if you are replacing your well.

With this recent regulation, the ministry has transferred much more power to cities and municipalities regarding permits and rules outside of the drilling of catchment wells. Several municipalities also require permits for geothermal projects. The cost of these permits is determined by each city.

Proof of your drilling permit and its number must be provided to the contractor performing the work prior to the commencement of such.

After the drilling

Following the completion of the work, a drilling report must be signed by a qualified professional, certifying that all the work was carried out in compliance with the Regulation’s applicable standards on the withdrawal and protection of water.

With the new 2015 regulations, it is no longer obligatory to perform a water analysis once the drilling is finished. However, it is strongly recommended to do so if the water supplied by your well is for consumption. This analysis will assure you of your water’s quality.

For all questions concerning the permits required for the drilling of your well, contact our team.