Artesian wells

When Bernier Wells undertakes the drilling of an artesian well, we ensure that all safety standards are complied with.  Drilling can be a complicated operation – the best location must be found, the drilling must be done with care, and the correct equipment must be installed.

An artesian well is often necessary when buildings are constructed beyond the range of the cities’ water supply networks.  The artesian well, together with the pumping system, becomes the source of water supply for one or several buildings.

The drilling of an artesian well involves the digging of a hole with a drilling rig that drills through the rock down to a water seam in the water table.  The borehole, which is often known as a water well, is used to collect underground water from the water table.

It usually takes about a day to dig an artesian well for a residential property, depending on the quantity of water required to meet the needs of the occupants.

An artesian well have many advantages over a surface well.

The drilling of a well varies depending on the depth of groundwater. We collected information from thousands of drilling from the système d’information hydrogéologique du gouvernement du Québec to give you an overview.


Artesian Well