System cleaning and purging

System cleaning and purging

We carry out all kinds of maintenance with the utmost rigor, on residential, institutional, and commercial property, both public and private:

Cleaning a geothermal system

A closed circuit can be cleaned with clean water and/or with a cleaning agent that is compatible with the geothermal system. The process is designed in accordance with the type of system and its size.  It is then proposed to the owner of the system.

Filling a geothermal system

Filling is the stage that involves filling a system with the heat transfer liquid chosen by the owner e.g. methanol, ethanol, propylene glycol.

Purging a geothermal system

Purging is the final stage which must be carried out before the system is started up and/or after any work is carried out on a circuit.  This stage involves purging any air that may have become trapped in different places within the system.

We use high-tech purge units that reach a minimum speed of 0.61 m/s throughout the entire length of systems of up to 150 mm in diameter.  After this stage we measure the hydrodynamic pressures on input and output and detect any anomalies.  This integrity test is also known as a hydrodynamic test.


Geothermal system cleaning and purging