The price of an artesian well

The price of an artesian well can vary enormously from one project to another. Several different factors have to be considered when preparing an estimate.

The nature of your ground

If drilling is to be carried out in soil or other unstable material, a steel tube or a perforated PVC liner may be required, whereas drilling in rock with stable sides does not require such measures. A different type of equipment is needed for each kind of ground and a different price for each of those types. Please note that all the products used by Puits Bernier are certified for use with drinking water.

Site access

Clearly, if the site is difficult to access or if additional machinery is required because of its location, the price will be higher as a consequence. Here are some of the conditions that the site must fulfill to allow access and enable our team to carry out their work correctly.

Stability of the position of the drilling rig

It is possible that a crushed rock road may be necessary if the ground is too soft. Do not forget that the equipment that will be needed at the drilling site weighs over 64,000 lbs.

The depth

We are lucky to have a large amount of underground water in Quebec. It is usually found at a depth of 100 to 300 feet, although it may be less deep. Also, sometimes we have to dig down beyond 300 feet. If that happens, we need to use a more powerful, submersible pump.

Lack of water

If there is still no, or very little, water beyond 300 feet in depth, we can use hydraulic fracturing, to bring water from nearby groundwater arteries via lateral channels, to break the subsoil around the drilling site using water at high pressure. This process can only be carried out in rock and increases the flow of water to the well.

It is impossible to give an exact price until we have assessed your land. The price can range from 5,000$ to 15,000$ for a standard well, but it can be higher depending on your needs and the type of ground. Please contact us for an assessment anywhere in Quebec.