Effective heating methods

Since heating costs in Quebec account for almost 60% of the total energy bill, it’s important to be familiar with the options available to us in terms of heating.  To help you make an informed choice, we’ve listed the most common heating systems used in Quebec.

Electric heating

This type of heating is most prevalent in Quebec homes. The main reason is the low cost of acquiring and installing appliances for this type of heat compared to other energies. However, you will not be eligible for the current financial assistance if you are replacing your electric heating system with a newer one. Moreover, electricity is expensive and it doesn’t seem like the price will go down.

Electricity doesn’t distribute heat evenly in a room and it occupies a lot of space on the ground, thereby limiting the set-up of the furniture. Most people find the baseboards unsightly.

The heat pump

The heat pump is an electrical appliance that transfers heat from one place to another. It can be used as a heating system in the winter and as an air conditioner in the summer. You will have to think about installing a second heating system, however, because the heat pump can not meet all your needs with our cold Quebec winters. When it reaches a certain temperature, the other heating system takes over because the heat pump is not sufficient.

As the heat pump circulates the air in your home, it can create drafts. You will need to think about this before deciding where to install the unit. Also, before choosing your heat pump, check with your municipality regarding noise regulations, as most are quite noisy.

Gas heating

Natural gas is energy efficient. It is a relatively simple to use, convenient, and increasingly safe system that offers the convenience of instant warmth. On the other hand, investment in acquisition is higher than with an electrical system. In addition, even though the price of gas is less than that of electricity, it varies from year to year and changes without warning.

This type of heating requires an unattractive storage tank that must be near the house and is difficult to camouflage on land.

Wood heating

The heat of wood is unmatched. On the other hand, it is also uncontrollable. This inexpensive heating system (firewood being the cheapest fuel) nevertheless requires a rather large, dry storage space. It is rarely used as a main heating system, but rather as supplementary or ambient heating, especially since wood heating is a major source of contaminants in the atmosphere.

The soot created by wood heating calls for regular cleaning and chimney sweeping, which requires additional costs.

Heated flooring

Despite its relatively high installation cost, floor heating is an efficient and increasingly widespread means of heating in our Canadian homes. It is an efficient system that provides consistent heating throughout the home while being quiet, dust-free, and not visible, allowing greater flexibility in the set-up of furniture in rooms.

The materials used decrease power consumption and this system has no negative effect on the health of the occupants. It is an excellent complement to geothermal energy.


Geothermal, a green and renewable energy, is the most efficient heating and air-conditioning system, in addition to being the most environmentally friendly. It is a sustainable system since the circuits are underground, and therefore sheltered from rain, snow and wind. You’re not in any way dependent on the price of wood, electricity or gas.

The drilling of geothermal wells is possible almost everywhere, whether for a new construction or an already existing residence. Geothermal heaters not only heat your home, but also provide air conditioning and heat your pool water. This system makes it possible to save almost 70% in heating costs.

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